Rainbow Music delivers a very easy client experience, nothing complicated at all in our set-up package. We provide our service through a partner streaming application available for Windows, iOS, Android, which can run from a full sized desktop, smaller laptop, even smaller tablet, and also can be run from a smartphone! Forget complex hardware and dedicated, complicated ‘boxes’, forget hours of configuration and setting up programmable options, we do away with all that! You get a complete solution ready to go, and all you need on your premises is a basic sound system to connect to. We work with simple one speaker systems to full ‘zoned’ multi speaker systems. If you have a state of the art PA system we can even supply full HiFi lossless audio feeds, email us if you require more information on this HiFi service.

When you purchase our package, you don’t have to wait for set up CD’s to arrive in the post, or the delivery of hardware, or make an appointment with a salesman or engineer! We deliver to you a direct digital delivery of our set-up package, which enables you to download and install the application software, add our range of fully managed playlists, and you are up and running in less than 5 minutes! All of our customers have reported back it’s so simple to set up and get the music playing, which is essential so you can focus all YOUR time on running your business successfully. 

There are no limits of playtime or hours of use, plus you can also use the service for private listening, not just public performance. The playlist content we provide you covers our popular range, including our top ‘Coffee House’ playlist which has over 2,000 tracks. All our playlists can either be run in playlist order, or used in  random play mode, and assembled in a play Q with other playlists if required. You can change anything instantly, there is no fiddly ‘block hours’ or other bewildering options such as those offered by our competitors. We like to keep things simple, so YOU don’t have to waste precious time working out settings and options. 

All the playlists we provide are available for public performance, but please be aware that for the playback of recorded or streaming music you need a music licence for your premises, which are easy to obtain. These were known as PRS and PPL licences but now have been merged into one licence to simplify the process.

Licences  cover music when played at one of the following:

  • charity or community building
  • cinema
  • club
  • educational establishment
  • exhibition
  • hair & beauty company
  • health practice
  • hotel or guesthouse
  • leisure, sport and fitness facility
  • mobile business
  • office or factory
  • pub or bar
  • restaurant or café
  • shop
  • sports ground or stadia
  • transport business