Rainbow Music Services delivers fantastic music streaming playlist packages direct to you via the internet. You will receive by default our most popular generic playlists,all fully services and managed by us, which are currently:

    An ever changing jazz based backdrop of light, easy listening music, designed for the Coffee house, tea room, casual retail area, or indeed any area that would benefit from calming, lightweight ambient jazz sounds. 
    A fantastic playlist that brings you the most up to date chart hits, the complete top 75 hits, updated weekly so it will never go out of date. Ideal for bars, busy pubs, trendy retail spaces. Get the very latest hits the moment they are published!
    A playlist comprising all the recent hits from the last couple of years, always updated and dynamically managed. General chart compilation for use in bars, cafes, retail outlets and many other venues where modern, general chart mix is required.
    A compilation of the finest of the most popular lightweight classical works, covering many of the popular composers. Suited to those more upmarket establishments that want to stand out from the crowd. 

All our supplied playlists are fully managed and also DYNAMIC, in that they will update themselves on your premises freshly each time you fire up the application and connect to the internet. In this way we can deliver up to the minute updates on our chart style playlists. All our playlists will be constantly updated, adding new appropriate material weekly, and improving the customer experience at your premises. Unlike some of our competitors, we wont lumber you with a bulky hard drive with just a few hundred songs that never gets updated: we are using the very latest technology to stream our service, so you will always be one step ahead. No one can beat us at our price, as we offer pure value for money with a tremendously flexible service.