Rider Waite Pre copyright Tarot Decks


Imagine obtaining a well used tarot deck, probably used thousands of times for readings over many years, absolutely full of energy and psychic charge. I personally adore old, worn and battered tarot decks that are in the prime of their working life, as they see bym to hold a life force from all the readings that they have ever been used for. They have their own feel, own smell, and lovely wear and tear from being in service for many years. Well, here we are….


This deck is from collection of many well used non copyright marked decks, all are similar condition so this is representive only of general condition. Not selling any decks with missing cards those am breaking for spares. You will get a complete deck just in well used condition, and full of energy and history.


No original box or white booklet. This deck is probably of vintage origin as no copyright information on each card like modern printings.. The card stock is nice and thick and not the over laminated shiny modern style. These are thicker cards compared to later printings which are slightly thinner.


Cards may be slightly bent from past shuffling and some light tatty edges, several may have creased corners and odd small frayed corners from heavy use. There may be some light discolouration to the edges of some cards, not all, and heavy use has lightly scratched some cards, see pictures and zoom. All in all I describe as very well used old tarot deck, so don’t expect anything other than that. Please look at the pictures and note the overall condition so you don’t expect a very good condition or new deck. No returns, SOLD AS SEEN AND DESCRIBED


Compared to the modern thin slippery shiny cards that slither about, these feel like proper cards and don’t slip all over the place when shuffling.