Our Customers Testimonials

Coffee House, Chelsea, London
“Fantastic music service, so easy to set-up and set running, in less than an hour I had customers commenting on the music and Soundhounding tracks so they could get the music to listen to at home. Can’t recommend Rainbow enough. In 2 weeks my trade went up by 24% with a lot of repeat custom too. Incredible value at £20 a month, it’s peanuts compared to what you actually get out of the service”

Amsterdam 15-04-2013 Café Brecht voor de Café recensie Foto: Rink Hof ©

Independent Cafe, Lincoln, UK
“What a difference the music makes! We were quite startled to find that trading went up by nearly 100% in 3 weeks, customers were enjoying the ambient music and really created the right mood and atmosphere. The music service has lifted us way up, plus it keeps the staff very happy and they enjoy their work a lot more. The best value music provider you can find”

Alternative Clothing store, Manchester, UK
“Can’t recommend these guys enough, we asked for a custom playlist of classic rock, and got 2,500 tracks. In the last 3 months using random play have not heard the same track twice, and the customers adore it. Great value, and great service. Definitely noticed a rise in trade and footfall, and customers want us to open the back room up as a coffee shop as they want to sit and listen to the classic rock”

Bar, Bristol, UK
“We got rid of our ridiculously expensive jukebox, and sacked the weekend late night DJ we inherited from the previous owners. We decided to try the 6 month special offer from Rainbow Music Services just to see how recorded background music might work for us. They gave us a great package of background music for the quieter parts of the day when we do food, and then we can jump to a great top 40 style playlist for the busier evenings and late night opening at weekends. Great service, very happy, as to are our customers. The amount of money we have saved in one month on jukebox rental and DJ wages is absolutely massive, and our trade has gone up by 55% too. All I can say is sack your overpriced DJ’s, junk your jukebox, go with custom playlists, that’s the future now”

Independent restaurant, Brighton,UK
“We were looking for some chilled out mood music for our intimate restaurant, and wanted to get rid of our CD system that was antiquated. Rainbow gave us a great option, a custom playlist of mellow ambient tunes which is what we wanted for our venue, and this has really improved the customer experience in the last 6 months. We have had a heap of repeat trade coming, and are now fully booked every weekend which is great.You wont do better than Rainbow, great price, great and simple to run product”

Shopping Mall, Nottingham,UK
“As our former music provider raised their prices so it was no longer a viable option, we went with Rainbow Music Services, who were so simple to set up I did it during my morning coffee break in the office! The playlist we wanted was running within 5 minutes, and frankly, a lot more versatile than the very limited selection from ********* (competition). Up and running in less than 5 minutes, that’s what i call service, and we took the 6 month option so it works out less than £20 a month!!! Fantastic really”

Coffee shop cafe, Cornwall,UK
“Having a really eclectic range of customers into surf and sand, across quite a wide age range, we wanted a custom playlist with a real beach feel to it, and Rainbow Music delivered us one within 48 hours, everything from the Beach Boys to more modern skater/surf tunes. Laid back tunes in the day as families in, and then we go more alternative later in the evening.Our customers love the music, and we have had a fantastic summer down here. Highly recommended service, set it up in 3 minutes flat and was online. Easy to switch between playlists to change the mood at any time, and it works offline too which is great for us as we have unpredictable internet”