About us

Rainbow Music Services is a top class solution for all your background music needs, for any type or style of venue or retail outlet. We supply music to a wide variety of premises, ranging from Coffee houses, tea rooms, cafes and restaurants, bars, plus functional retail outlets such as hairdressers, clothing shops, department stores, shopping malls, and anywhere where a system to play music to the public is required. We offer tailor made packages to our customers, ensuring that they get what they need, from a range of fully services and managed, dynamic playlists, through to completely custom playlist solutions.

The benefits of having background music on business premises is very well documented across the internet. Music increases productivity amongst your staff, plus it creates a pleasant environment for the customer. Background music is proven to boost sales and customer satisfaction, and also keeps your customers coming back for more. Music creates mood and atmosphere, so whatever kind of premises you have, we can supply you with the perfect solution to boost trade, based on your product range and style and type of premises.  We can sort all this out for you, and you can relax as our music service stimulates your environment and adds richness and colour to your precious customer experience.

We don’t waste our money on fancy web sites, as we believe our product shines by itself, we are about delivering music packages, not web design, and by keeping our costs to the minimum we can offer the best pricing directly to you! We have happy customers all around the world, not just in the UK, so wherever you are, if you have an internet connection, you can enjoy our professional services in accordance with your regional licensing requirements for Public performance of music. 

So whatever style or type of business you have where the public can be entertained with music, choose US to be your providers. A first class service delivering what you need to bring in those regular repeat customers, and to see your trade rise.